This happened and you’re welcome…

So I have decided that I need a creative outlet for my mind. I have always wanted to have a blog (even though I have like, 3). But, none of them really have any content and I always went into them with lofty ideas and quit after, like… 2 posts. So yeah. But, I do need an outlet. At 7 months pregnant and so much going on I think a little break from the real world sometimes is ok. Ok? Ok, good.

First, I never really know how to start out “the first post”. I will just start with this:

  1. I am 27 years old
  2. I was born and raised in Georgia (Hi y’all)
  3. I am 7 months pregnant with my first child
  4. I like art, books, crafts, photography, 2000’s hip hop (Luda, you my man), and yoga
  5. I work in a retail store
  6. I like to run, but haven’t since I’ve been preggo
  7. I learned what “she thirsty” meant the other day and that’s dumb…
  8. I’m behind on slang, obvs
  9. I love planners, notebooks and writing apps. I never use them.
  10. And finally, I think i’m the funnest thing ever. Even though i’m pretty sure i’m not. Whatever.

There ya go, some stuff about me. I figured why not. It’s just a hobby blog and all. Haha. Speaking of 2000’s Hip Hop, I have to say that they seriously knew how to make the best everything. I am sitting here in my office jamming to a Chingy remix of “I Like That” and it makes me want to move. Just like that. Hip Hop these days makes me want to bang my head. Too much bleeping. Luda (my man) has the best songs for jamming. That bitch, i’ve heard, still never moved out of his way. Like a trooper Luda just kept on going though. His is a story of true struggle.

Let’s move along though, I get too sidetracked with all this hip hop (50 Cent, ugh why did that happen…). It brings out my inner pretend gangsta. Which, in hindsight, is none existant. But whatever. Not relevant. Back to this being an outlet of my creativity… I was thinking that I could post some Martha Stewart stuff and maybe some Ina Garten cooking eventually. For now, i’ll just stick to writing about slightly irrelevant things. When we get our new house, then I can Martha everwhere. Plan has been planned. Awesome.

Oh! I am doing creative things! I am making a quilt! It is my 3rd one and it is a very pretty pattern. I will have to find pictures. My previous two were fun and took forever. However, this one is going by much faster. The topper is almost finished and I have to buy some batting, then cut my backing and BOOM! Start that quilting. I’m excited. Hmmm, ok. This seems like a successful start to a somewhat fun blog. So I will just say bye. I wouldn’t want to overwhelm y’all with my amazing wit and sarcasm all at one time. Let’s spread this out.



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