Oh 2014… how crazy is it that you are almost gone. Yesterday I found out I was pregnant, celebrated 2 years of happiness with C, went mud bogging, stayed up all night, slept all day with C, started yoga, lost 30 pounds (that I refound, haha), and just generally found a little piece of myself. Now, you’re leaving and 2015 is coming in. Is this real life? It always has baffled me when people go on and on about how ‘x’ year was terrible and how they are happy to see it go. I mean, surely it could not have been ALL bad, could it? Was there nothing happy in the year? I have had my share of downs this year, don’t be mistaken. But, at some point you have to know that it is part of the human experience. That is why we have such great artists, writers, movie people, and all that jazz.

I did love this year. I learned a lot. I can’t really and honestly write what I learned. It was more of a self actualization of things than a solid lesson. I guess learning patience with myself could be something that I tentively could write. Yoga helped me to become more internal seeking, patient, quiet. Which was hard. I have since lost the practice with my pregnancy. I’m sad about that. It is something I will happily pick back up. Confidence, I did recapture some of that this year. I took control of certain situations. All in all, not a bad year.

Now, with all that said, there are some things that I want to do a little different this upcoming year. Manage money better, start the yoga back, be a fantastic mom, try not to obsess about being a fantastic mom, breath, run again, not be a crazy mess of hormones… the usual stuff I guess. Oh! Do better at art stuff. I used to love to draw and write and stuff… now I do not of that. Yes, I know that the hilarious part is that I’m going to birth a child and if I can’t find time now, how can I after Baby Girl is here? Well, smart ass, I will make a way. Do some ‘me’ time planning junk. Thanks. Make daddy have some fun bonding time. Ha. Thought ya had me there huh. Sucka.

Moving right along though… I mean, people get so obsessed with what they did or didn’t do for an entire year. It’s very counterproductive, ya think? I do. So I’m going to bounce to another topic. Baby!!! I did the stupid hour long Glucose test today and it jacked my kid up!!! Seriously! She was all bouncing around and kicking and swirling and just… Oh my goodness!!! I was fine for the first 15 minutes, then momma got a little jacked up. Not in fun ‘Say what it’s a party!” way either. More in the “I’m about to throw up in your handbag” way. Not good. I did the blood draw and now I get to wait for the results and then go from there.

There is so much that goes into this whole making a kid thing. I have enjoyed it.

Well, my mind has went blank. I’m not going to post resolutions that I’ll never keep or make a list of things that I’ll probably forget about. So I’ll just stop for now. Most likely think of something witty and funny to say and create a post about it later. You’re welcome in advance.

So for 2014, Bye FELICIA!!

Hello 2015. šŸ™‚



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