And here we are…again

I have to admit… being unemployed does have its upsides. This weekend me and the boo were part of his cousin’s wedding. It was actually very nice and short and sweet despite all the drama that went into planning it. Of course, that does come with the territory… the one thing (ok, 2 things) that bothered me the most was that the coordinator sucked. I mean literally sucked all kinds of not nice things. She was terrible. For one, how do you get paid over $200 and only show up for the insanely long rehearsal and the day of the wedding. Seriously. You do not contact the bride until the day before at the rehearsal… then, you don’t even know what you are doing!! Practicing to walk down the aisle should not take 4 hours. Never, ever, ever, ever should it take that long. Unless you have 78 bridesmaids and groomsmen and in that case, damn.

So, we have this terrible lady that doesn’t even know our names (or the bride’s… wtf) and she is making us walk here and there and all over creation. I left so confused. I supposed I was spoiled with my cousins wedding because it was amazing. Also, it was well planned. Ladies, for the record… take the time to plan. The whole experience made me question if I should become one of these wedding planner people. I think I could be much more successful in getting people where they needed to be. Legit. There is that idea I’m just gonna let that one set there for a moment. Another word of advice: pay a little for the photographer. I knew the lady that did the photos and I won’t say too much…but please, splurge on the photos. It’s worth it.

Well, I’m glad I got that out of my system. All in all, it was nice and pretty and she was happy. That’s all that counts and matters. Now I am on the getting addresses for the baby shower next month and then on the prepping for Baby Girl. I cannot believe how fast the time has been fling by this month! Almost February! She is almost here, guys. Ahhh I’m so excited. I still have to pack my hospital bag. Ugh, something to do though. I was researching Pinterest (duh) for ideas on what to pack in them, there was so much to look over. Oh my goodness… I never knew that you had to pack that much stuff. Gowns and underpants, yes. But, Neosporin… really? I think I’ll just take the advice of other moms and go from there.

Hmmm, let’s see. Today has been very calm honestly. Nothing really to write home about. I have been beat up a couple times by Baby Girl. She is super active. Which I love. It’s so crazy feeling her kick around in there and be all crazy. She is loving that left side still. Everyone is still estimating that she will be a little bigger than most. Her daddy was almost 10 pounds and 23 1/2 inches long. She might be a smidge bigger than I thought. We will find out in about 7 or 8 more weeks, that’s for sure.

I do believe that it is nap time, you guys. So I’m going.



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