Day 20: Because Babies

So, I am 21 days postpartum and I am feeling less stressed and a little more in control. Haha no, I’m lying. I’m totally overwhelmed on many occasions. A newborn is a lot of work that no one ever told me about. Yes, I had the wonderfully vague ” Rest while you can” and all that… but, honestly no one told me just HOW exhausting it is. Especially when you are the only one caring for the wee little babe. Dearest darling daddy has a job where he is gone traveling most of the week, so momma has to hold down the fort. Which is good because I’m pretty much super woman. So there. But, I do have a wonder support system and I have tons of people that support me. It does help.

Sadly, my dearest darling daughter has acid reflux and is very gassy. No colic (thank God), but she does get the gas and stuff badly. It has caused many sleepless nights until we got it all figured out. Now it’s not every day but maybe one day a week that we have a rough time. Everyone says she will outgrow it.. please hurry.

The one thing that I did not expect was how much I love this tiny little red headed fireball. She has become my world and I just can’t see myself without her. I just love her so much. I heart hurts when she cries with gas and tears start falling. Ugh, worst thing ever. My heart has expanded in ways that I never thought was possible. I even love her daddy in a completely different way. Seeing him with her just moves me in ways that I don’t even understand. I’m not trying to figure it out either. I’m honestly just enjoying it. Why question a love that just happens to feel amazing.

I think that when she is 12 I’ll learn how this whole parent thing works. Maybe. But, until then I will just fake it till I make it. 🙂


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