A Year For The Record Books

These past two years have been the hardest years of my life. Legit. Let’s count the ways:

  1. Got pregnant (totally awesome and worth it) and had a rough time with BP issues and hips
  2. Mom developed cancer
  3. Got fired (Blessing???)
  4. Mom started radiation
  5. Baby Girl ended up being colicky
  6. Baby Daddy decided that I can do everything myself and flaked (relax, we’re still together though)
  7. Baby Girl went from colic to crawling to walking by 10 months… very tiring.
  8. Still do not have my own house (it’s hard raising a child in someone else’s house)
  9. Mom’s cancer came back worse than before.
  10. Started Chemo…
  11. This caused a fistula to arise and a ostomy bag to be placed and permanent
  12. Baby Daddy keeping up the fact that I’m apparently a mf’ing superwomen so he clearly has no reason to step up and help.
  13. Colicky baby has developed into spirited child/ strong willed child. Who needs hair anyways
  14. Did I mention the house thing yet

So… all in all, a  pretty frustrating time of it. I think I made my point with the previous post… I’m just glad I found this one. 🙂




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