That weightloss thing…

Let me tell you something, losing weight is NOT as easy after you have kids as it was before. I would run and it would be nothing to lose a pound to two pounds a week. Now? I GAINED THREE POUNDS. Ugh.

I know that in hindsight, the numbers on a scale does not define me. I am worth more than that. But it does irk you to have done all this work and gain weight. Yes, I curbed my appetite, ate appropriately to what I burned, assumed increased muscle mass, and all that jazz.

Then I gained weight.

What the crap.

So I took a break from the running and did Yoga for about a week.

I lost 4 pounds.

I’m seriously not understanding things at the moment.

I love yoga. I think that it’s an amazing stretch and a really good way to stop and focus and just really be in the moment. I use that time to pray. I know that some communities find yoga a link to unchristian like things and other sort of unwholesome things. However, I find that without the chants, mantras, and other such things, it can be a fantastic way to workout in a gentle manner.

And it’s a crazy workout.

I was amazingly sore and feeling great at one time. So, I guess that running is not my forte anymore. Maybe my body needs a little more gentle approach.

I’m totally ok with that. It’s a crazy reminder that we all need to slow down sometimes. Maybe trying to run a race all the time isn’t for everyone. In my personal like, I do act like I’m running a race. I’m always rushing around from place to place, forgetting to take in the joy in my daughters face, the laughter, the proud show off moments when she brings me something.. I forget to look at my mom and just soak in her face. I forget to lose that three pounds of anger, bitterness, frustration, and irritation.

So the next time that I’m obsessing over my weight, I think i’ll just stop and remember that I don’t HAVE to lose the weight, I can just stretch it out and enjoy the ride.

Them stupid 4 pounds still irritate me though




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