Say whaaaaaat?

Have you ever  met that person that does nothing wrong, their opinion is complete law, they must be right constantly? I have.

He’s frustrating.

It’s a shame that it is in the setting that we have been placed these couple of weeks, mom in the hospice… can’t we be cordial at least? I don’t think yelling and screaming at us is beneficial.

However, Praise God, I was able to handle it in a very understanding manner. I was respectful. I knew he was hurting. He has other family members that are hurting as well. I understand they have been together 15+ years, that doesn’t give you the right to call names. It’s ridiculous.

But, being the bigger person, I listened and understood.

He’s hurting and in denial. I get that. Let’s deal with it together. Please.

Some people choose to deal with hurt by lashing out at others and blaming others for everything. Isn’t that how we all do though? Even if it’s on a smaller scale.

We get hurt and start pointing fingers “He did… first”, “He said/did … to offend me”. I get it. Truly, I do.

I tell myself to rest in the love of Christ. Let God smooth those rough edges and calm this rough and ragged soul. I want to rule with love. Let love be my guiding light and compass. Look to Jesus to praise for the peace and calmness I feel.

What a shame it has come to name calling and finger pointing.

I’m glad I made the choices I have made. I respected my mothers wishes. I carried out everything she wanted. What more could I do.

But, friends, please say a prayer that God continues to move through me and continues to mold me into the person that lives fruitfully.



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