So today was the memorial service for my dearest, darling, sweet mom. She loved purple, so we asked if everyone would wear purple and show support. Little did we know that there would be a sea of different shades of purple flowing around the funeral home.

It was amazing.

I am extremely happy with the way everything turned out and the love and support that was shown by family and friends. So very happy.

This is an experience that will forever change me. Have you ever went through an ordeal and you just knew that you were not going to be the same? That you just knew was going to make you change your mind or attitude about something? This is mine.

The preacher at the service was a woman that had known Mom all her life. They grew up together. She said somethings that really struck me. Live and enjoy your life. Live it to the fullest. Be happy and just be live. Secondly, love unconditionally. Love like Christ. Love like God. No strings attached. Just, love. And lastly, laugh. Laugh at yourself, at the situation, at the problem, at jokes and funny movies. Never forget to laugh.

I loved this message and it really touched and spoke to me. I think we all get caught up in life. The ‘what ifs’ and the ‘should have beens’, we forget to just enjoy it. I know I am guilty of putting strings to my ‘I love yous’. Like, I love you if you come home early, or help me, or… Even though these are things that should be done, I condition my love according to what is done.

I mean, yes it irritates and hurts my feelings… but does it cause me to love you any less? I have been answering that question with a yes for a very long time. I don’t think I should though.

Christ didn’t.

So why should I?

Haven’t I let God down more than any man or woman has me? Yet, God still loves me. No strings attached. We should all be more like Christ.

I want to live a free life and a happy life and I joyful life. I want to laugh and smile and speak softly. I want to embody Christ and speak love to the souls of my family and loved ones. I want to speak slower and judge less… tame my tongue.

And honestly, I want to stop rolling my eye so daggum much.



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